Risk averse paths

Quand :
26 août 2015 @ 9 h 00 min – 12 h 00 min

30-risque-danger-fioul-domestiqueRoberto Sacile (University of Genova)

In path finding algorithms from a source to a destination, shortest path algorithms are widely known and currently used in common advance driver assistance systems. However, in some specific applications such as dangerous goods transport, the minimization of the typical objective related to the travel cost (e.g. distance, time etc…) has to find a trade-off with another objective, which is the minimization of the risk and the exposure of the population to such risk. This multi-objective problem, which may be driven by a risk averse behaviour, has also important relationships with some behaviours which can be found in simple living beings surviving to risk in nature, sometimes also known as “playing against nature” problems. Some basic theory and practical examples will be shown.

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