Multi-objective design and optimisation of technological systems

Many modern technologies rely on different autonomous systems working together either to improve their global performances or to achieve goals that each of them could not achieve individually. This is the case of autonomous vehicles, drone fleet, connected objects monitoring health conditions, smart cities and buildings, … However, such systems-of-systems often seek to optimise different objectives that can be contradictory, the most typical examples being environmental efficiency, economical cost, industrial efficiency and safety.

Designing such systems therefore requires to define and find compromises, that can additionnally vary between decision makers. The aim of this school is to introduce the basics, as well as some more advanced tools, of various disciplines that are useful in the modelling and the search of such compromises. Courses will include both theoretical and practical interventions, as well as some interacting sessions with case studies. Courses will be given by internationally recognized academical and industrial lecturers.

Covered topics (to be completed)

  • Multi-criteria decision making
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Non-linear optimisation
  • Applications

This summer school is organized in the context of the Laboratory of Excellence MS2T “Control of Technological Systems-of-Systems”